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Q: What is the difference between a Cell group and a prayer group?

Prayer is a large part of the Cell meeting format, but the main difference is that the ultimate purpose of the Cell group is to bring in new members (evangelise), grow and then ultimately multiply.

Q: I thought that Cell groups are a protestant method?

The very beginning of the Cell group is within the Catholic tradition. Home churches under the leadership of the apostles is how the Church began and grew. ( OIKOS is the Greek word for household or house of people. It is used many times in the new testament) However, in recent times various denominations learned how powerful the Cell group system can be in evangelising and growing. Now the Catholic church is alive with the Cell concept, with systems active in many countries and supported by the Vatican.

Q: How do I join a Cell group?

There are several Cell groups in our parish and probably one meeting close to where you live. Look under the "Cell Groups" tab on this website and see which group meets at a time that is convenient for you. Then contact the Holy Innocents for an application form.  

Q: Is a Cell group right for me?

Even though the Cell format is consistent; each Cell group has its own individual personality. One group meets in the daytime and Three groups meet on a Tuesday evening and another on a Wednesday evening.  The age ranges from 16 upwards. However, the most important thing is that you have a curiosity and want your Catholic faith to grow.

Q: Who can join a Cell group?

You do not have to be Catholic to join a Cell group, but your heart must be open to becoming Catholic. Maybe one of these profiles fits you:

- I am a Non Catholic and want to know more  

- I am Catholic, but I do not go to Mass regularly.

- I used to be Catholic, but I have fallen away from the church.

- I am a practicing Catholic, but I want to feel God more alive and working in my life.

Q: I am not a "super Catholic", would I be comfortable attending a Cell?

NO ONE IS A SUPER CATHOLIC .The thought of meeting in a small group might intimidate some people. But don't be. The people in the Cells are just regular people with a wide range of backgrounds. We pray, we share how God is working in our lives and we grow stronger in our faith.